Single Lens

Yearly Disposable

25 – 40 years

Annual Contact Lenses

Using contact lenses on a daily basis can seem to be a considerable investment, and a lot of hassle, especially to someone who’s new to the world of vision correction. But we don’t want this apprehension to be a factor for you not embracing the convenience they bring with them. And so, our range of Annual Contact Lenses take care of it. These best-value lenses are for yearly* usage, so you don’t have to worry about buying new lenses every now and then, and will let you be completely carefree in a pocket-friendly package that lasts an entire year. So, never worry about the expense or the nuisance of buying again and again, as we make sure you see better, and hence, live better


Single purchase for yearly* usage

Best value lenses

Non-ionic lenses that attract less deposit


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