MicroC2F6 (pure or mixed) is injected into the vitreous chamber for the purpose of replacing vitreous and promoting retinal adhesion. During the average residence time in the eye (about 4-5 weeks) the gas is gradually replaced by aqueous humor and exhaled.


How to use: Before infusion, the MicroC2F6 gas should be sterilized by passing through the filter, the other accessories included in the package are already sterilized at ETO. In the case of pure MicroC2F6, it is necessary to prepare the mixture with air before proceeding to the infusion procedure, this is done directly in the syringe provided, carefully following the directions in the bugiardine. In the case of premixed MicroC2F6, however, simply fill the supplied syringe with the gas contained in the canister and proceed directly to use.
MicroC2F6 has an average residence time in the eye of no more than 17 days.



The MicroC2F6 Mixed device is available in one variant in which C2F6 is 16% mixed with nitrogen. Besides the gas canister, the kit consists of a Connector, a 0.2 μ Sterilizing Filter, a 60 ml PP Syringe, a 3-way Tap, a 27 G Needle and a 30 G Needle.

Canister pre-filled with C2F6 Gas mixed with 16% nitrogen and Connector, 0.2 μ sterilizing filter, 60 ml PP syringe, 3-way tap, Needle 27 G AND Needle 30 G


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