Everyone has dreams and hopes, but not everyone has the confidence to persevere and get through to the other side. Bausch + Lomb Soflens® contact lenses give you the confidence to take a chance and go for that dream. They are comfortable, low-maintenance and flexible, so that you are free to keep your focus of working towards achieving your dreams. So, aim high as we make sure you see better, and hence, live better.

  • Unifit™ technology
  • Easy Handling
  • Proven Material less prone to deposits¹2
  • Stable Toric lens with advanced Low- Torque design³
  • Multifocal lenses with Presbyopia- Natra- Sight™ Optics for clear vision4



1: Paul White. Soft contact lenses. 2019 Contact lenses & solutions summary. Data on file Bausch & Lomb incorporated
2: Minno GE. Quantitative analysis of protein deposits on hydrophilic soft contact lenses: II. Comparison to visual methods of analysis. II. Deposit variation among FDA lens material group. Optometry and vision science. Vol 68, No.11, page 865-872
3: Soflens Toric PI
4: Data on file Bausch & Lomb Incorporated

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