Jutron Vision

Jutron Vision are exclusive distributors of Goodlite USA ,Precision Vision and Vector vision. Their therapeutic areas are Pediatric ophthalmology , Ophthalmic clinical research ,contrast sensitivity, examination tools and refraction systems. They manufacture refraction system since 2001 and have the most stable refraction system.

Jutron Vision is a 21 year old company. They date back with a 15 year association with Vector Vision USA, 13 Year association Goodlite USA and 11 year association with Precision vision USA. They manufacture refraction system dating back to 2001 which started as their pioneer product LC-33 the chart projector and gradually progressed into digital refraction system from 2006, with around 6 generations of refraction system they have the most stable refraction system software in India.

Their vision is to provide quality standard products to ophthalmologists,optometrists and clinical research executives for quality vision assessment. They want to eradicate counterfeiting which is very rampant and spread awareness about uncalibrated / non standardized charts that are in circulation in India and are being exported.

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