Corrales Visual Field Fatigue Diffuser™ (Frosted patch)

SKU : 166000

Sold in a package of 3.

Dimensions: 3″ x 2″ (75mm x 50mm).

The Corrales Visual Field Fatigue Diffuser™, made of durable plastic, lets in diffused light while keeping air away from the eye. The white strap attached allows this occluder to fit all sizes.

The Corrales Visual Field Diffuser is designed to prevent the occluded eye from seeing any visual targets while allowing light on to the occluded eye. This unique design allows for visual field determinations that are faster, more accurate, and less stressful on the patient. This product is the first diffuser to block vision with diffusion, not occlusion.

Other occluders block the vision of the occluded eye by blocking all incoming light to that eye. This causes ‘Ganzfeld Blackout’, a phenomenon that causes intermittent loss of perception due to the brain’s attempt to interpret the opposing signals coming in from the eyes.  This blackout effect can lead to unreliable tests and can cause unnecessary anxiety and fatigue in patients.

You can induce this effect on yourself; with both eyes open, look at a single spot on a plain surface from about 8 inches away. Then cover one eye with your hand so that no light can enter your covered eye. This simulates the conditions patients experience when in a visual field testing machine. After around 10 seconds, you will experience Ganzfeld Blackout.

Dr. Gustavo Corrales and the Innovation Institute in Falls Church, VA have no financial interest in this product. They simply designed a better method for determining visual field in a more accurate and less stressful way. It is their gift to the medical community.

Sold in a package of 3.

Dimensions: 3″ x 2″ (75mm x 50mm).


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