Madhu Instruments Pvt Ltd.

MIPL was born as a brainchild of Dr. Satish C. Gupta in 1989. Since day one, they have focused on the efficacy and quality of their products, to become the undisputed leader of their segments in the ophthalmic industry. Their commitment towards quality is paramount and they believe good healthcare is a right of every human being, which is why manufacturing devices that are 100% reliable through constant progressive innovation is not only their passion but a commitment towards their vision. For three decades, MIPL has been involved in research, innovation, design, and manufacturing of high quality products in order to help ophthalmologists across the globe to produce better results for their patients with the utmost satisfaction.

With a proven track record of cutting-edge innovation and a reputation for adhering to the international best practices, quality, and  reliability, they offer a myriad of ophthalmic devices to ensure best care for patients and hassle-free procedures for the doctors. Their key product categories include diagnostic & surgical lenses, keratoplasty devices, ophthalmic diagnostic strips, vitreo-retina devices, cataract blades & specialty devices, fluid management devices, teaching & training ophthalmic devices, and  ophthalmic cannulas.

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